Hugh Byrne is a visual artist currently residing and working in Cape Town, South Africa where he was born in 1983. He completed an honours degree in Fine Arts from the University of Pretoria and has only recently returned to South Africa two years ago after extensive travel.Although currently focusing on painting, his work includes; film, sculpture and photography and has been largely influenced by the city and society and on a more personal level, architecture and the individual. His current work is a series of hard-hitting, vibrantly coloured paintings created by layering various medi- ums; these include household paints and industrial resins. Hugh simplifies the lines and shapes of buildings, shadows, roads and other geometric structures within the city and in doing so finds new forms, shapes and the relationships between them.By taking these discovered forms and colouring them with bright contrasting hues he is able to give the viewer an entirely different experience of the envi- ronment in which he/she walks through and interacts everyday. He selectively chooses to leave brush marks and other defining characteristics in the otherwise smooth surface. This adds a certain human element to the work. (2013)




Email : info@hughbyrne.co.za


Email: info@ebonycurated.com

Artsy: Ebony Curated





Flipside Solo Show- Warren Editions August 2017
Turbine Art Fair – Johannesburg July 2017
Tipping Point Solo Show – Ebony Gallery July 2017
From the Horses Mouth – Ebony Gallery March 2017
Nano- Barnard Gallery, Cape Town July 2016
Turbine Art Fair – Johannesburg July 2016
Abstracted -Ebony Gallery May 2016
That Art Fair – Cape Town February 2016
Ebony Gallery, Summer Exhibition January 2016
Ebony Gallery, Franschhoek November 2015
Tattarrattat Solo Show, Ebony Gallery September 2015
That Art Fair – Cape Town March 2015
Ebony Gallery, Franschhoek February 2015
Emergence – Ebony Gallery October 2014
Ebony Gallery, Franschhoek May 2014
Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town 2014
Haas Gallery New Works – Haas Gallery Cape Town 2013
The Editions Show – Salon 91 Cape Town 2013
One in a million – Salon 91 Cape Town 2013
Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town 2013
First/Thursday – Divine Room New Heritage Gallery Cape Town 2012.
Conditions – White River Gallery, Nelspruit 2012
I’d Rather Be Swimming – Salon 91 Cape Town 2012/2013
Industrial Abstractions – The Factory, Durban 2012
Expression Sunset – Salon 91, Cape Town 2012
Shedding Skins – ELE Gallery, Cape Town, May 2012
Discovered City – Mahe Xin Taipei 2010
Abstraction in Colour,- Side¬ Café, Pretoria 2006



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